A reminder from Nicholas Bate that the Internet serves both the good and the bad.

False news on what a politician said. Dubious claims on the power of a particular asian fruit.

Jagged Thoughts for Jagged Times, 250 by Nicholas Bate

Gregory Brown is closing his Twitter account (@practicingdev).

In 24 hours I’ll be shutting down this Twitter account for good. I am OK, and will resume blogging at practicingdeveloper.com. A few months ago I tried to take a break from Twitter and (once again) failed. I don’t like that feeling, so need to take stronger action.

I’ve been following Gregory for a few years now. I like what he writes about and subscribe to his blog.

I have mixed reactions on his decision to leave Twitter. I’m sad for others that follow Gregory on Twitter but happy that he’s taken this step and will continue blogging.

I’ve often thought about deleting my Twitter account but I’m not quite ready to do it. I’m quite happy to let Micro.blog cross post what I need from here to Twitter for the time being. I think the time is coming though. The day when I say goodbye to Twitter.

Great first episode of the new season of The Walking Dead. Good pace and build up to the next episode.

Reviews of it online I think we’re a bit unfair. I seen a few reviews saying it was too slow. I think people forget their watching a single episode of a television series. There still more to come.

I would love to be able to pin cards at the top of each list in Trello. Just saying.

One again I’ve made Kurt’s list and he now he’s planning a surprise visit!

Family guy and freelance web developer, Matthew Lang publishes regularly from Paisley, Scotland on apps, life, and business.  Some day, I plan to meet him in person.  I just don’t plan on telling him when.  Want it to be a surprise.

25 Blogs Guaranteed to Make you Smarter

It would be great to meet up with Kurt. One of those few blogs I have followed for years.

Back to work this morning after a week off.

Subscribed to the Hurry Slowly podcast this morning. Expecting good things.

Half of these ideas on making Slack less of a time suck are terrible suggestions. Just because you can make todo lists in a Slack, doesn’t mean that you should. Less is more with Slack. Use it for what it’s good at. Messaging. Anything else is a distraction.

Great first lesson of the off-season for Ethan with Andy, our club professional. Plenty to work on for next year!

Nice start to the day.

A lot of love for Cardhop on the blogs today. Going to have to give it a try at some point.

Another day, another blog post written. That’s three in a row. Need to get a couple of topics in place for tomorrow and Friday.

So many good things have happened on Micro.blog in the last few months and the cherry on the cake is the ]macOS client](http://help.micro.blog/2017/mac-version/).

My kind of prepping.

Just tried pumpkin spice cream liqueur. Erm …. not a fan. Might be alright for a coffee though.

Jerry Jones chips in on the NFL #takeaknee protest with an ultimatum for the Cowboys team.

“I’m not in the business of 51-49,” he said. “That’s not what we’re about. I’m removing the politics. I’m removing everything from this. What I have the right to say is who’s on that football field.”

Dallas owner Jerry Jones says Cowboys must stand for national anthem

Jones says he’s removing the politics from this, but it sounds like he’s removing everyone else’s politics on this by using the protest as a way to punish players.

Glad I’m not a Cowboys fan.

Another Christmas, another Star Wars movie. I can’t wait to see this.

Since watching it this morning, I’ve seen lots of theories online and I’ve even got my own theory about how the three movies will pan out but I’m keeping that to myself.

Had that moment in a software project yesterday when you realise you should have named something with ‘x’ instead of ‘y’. #epicrefactoring

I can’t say that I’m a fan of seeing high-speed Internet access being rolled out onto airlines.

Why is it that flights often make for good working conditions? In spite of all the discomfort, there’s something zen-like and cloistered about being in an aircraft and incommunicado. Particularly when lights dim and people are sleeping or absorbed in their movies with headphones on, it’s easy to get in a zone with the material you’re looking at, on a laptop or from a printout.

Free in-flight wifi means we’re quickly losing an unexpected haven for deep productivity

If this happens, why bother putting windows in the aircraft? No-one will be looking out them anyway.

Drew finished building this year’s Lego Halloween set. Well done wee man! 👍🏻